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If you have a tale, a poem, or anything else that should be here, please contact us via kontakt@umotvorine.net, so someone else could enjoy it, too.

"The ballads of Servia occupy a high position, perhaps the highest position, in the ballad literature of Europe. Of them Jacob Grimm wrote: “They would, if well known, astonish Europe,” and “in them breathes a clear and inborn poetry such as can scarcely be found among any other modern people.” The origin of this popular literature goes back to a period of which no written record exists; its known history dates from the fourteenth century, since which time it is absolutely continuous..."



  • 08. October. 2008.

    We have moved web site to another server. Also, have added more than 60 epic poems.

  • 29. October. 2006.

    We have added translation of a poem Ban Strahin.